#WOW…..Barmy Eve is a Gold business winner!

December 11, 2014

WOW, Barmy Eve is a Gold winner……!

That was the great news on Wednesday, December 10 when Barmy owner Eve Lodge was informed that she had been named as of Jacqueline Gold’s three #WOW business winners.

Every Wednesday, Jacqueline (pictured below), the chief executive of Knickerbox and Ann Summers) invites female business owners to tweet her their business and she chooses her favourite three to become #WOW (Women on Wednesday) winners.


Eve did just that – tweeting about herself and her Barmy Bunting, throwing in some pictures for good measure, and a few hours later came Jacqueline’s tweet:

“A huge congratulations to the winners of this week’s #WOW: @isamariebeauty, @MissOffice_VA and @Barmy_Bunting!”

Said Eve: “I can’t believe it!! I’m a #WOW business winner. I was so excited on getting the confirmation tweet – and I’ve been overwhelmed by all the congratulations from so many lovely people.

“It has just made me even more determined to make Barmy the very best it can be!


WOW winner