Vandals on your bike! Moo get Barmy to put positive spin into attempted break-in

July 21, 2014

Moo Designs sent out the message ‘Vandals, on your bike’ – as the Barnsley boutique adopted a  positive outlook over an attempted break-in – and also got right into the spirit of the ‘Grand Depart’!

Moo owner Clare Bottomley arrived at her shop in Hanson Street on Monday morning to find someone had smashed a window in an attempt to get in.

She said: “As if times weren’t tough enough with many small businesses closing daily we arrived at our boutique to find someone had tried to break in. They had shattered one of the windows.

“We really felt like packing in for a couple of days, but then we decided to turn a negative into a positive.”

Clare and her staff, including daughter Holly (pictured below with Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis outside the shop) duly dressed the window as if a bike had gone through it, in order to celebrate the arrival of the Tour de France on the outskirts of Barnsley this weekend!



Clare also got in touch with 16-year-old Eve Lodge, the owner of another Barnsley business, Barmy Bunting, and purchased a six-metre long piece of  Eve’s ‘Le Tour’ bunting, which was put up outside the shop.

As a result the Moo boutique looks great! Talk about turning a negative into a positive!

Clare added: “Always look on the bright side of life, that’s our motto!”