Proud to be an IKIC patron at my old school

June 19, 2015

Here I am in my school days at Horizon College in Barnsley.


I went there for two years – Year 10 and 11 – after my previous secondary school Holgate and its neighbour Kingstone were both closed and the pupils joined together to enter the newly built Horizon on Dodworth Road.

I had loved Holgate – and I went on to love my time at Horizon too.

I was able to express myself, encouraged by the great teachers and great environment there, and emerged a more rounded, confident person, with good grades and a business”

I have had to juggle the ‘Barmy’ business with my studies, but I’ve always taken pride in the fact I’m a bit of a grafter.

I’ll never think of myself as a straight A* student, but I emerged from Horizon with 16 GCSE’s and a business that’s getting bigger, and I’m proud of that. Now 17, Shelley College, A Levels and more of ‘Barmy’ are next steps in my journey!

And on Thursday (June 18) I was honoured to be invited back to Horizon and asked to be the newest patron of their ‘I Know I Can’ Celebration Awards.

I was fortunate to win Horizon’s Special Award in my last year there (see picture below) and on my return this week I was asked to interview two young students, Aidan and Sarah, who have applied for the Special Award this time around.

Eve special award

Both were excellent and I was so, so impressed by all they had done. Of course I gave them the thumbs-up!

I then joined my fellow patrons in the Horizon theatre to hand out certificates to the students who have completed their I Know I Can Levels One, Two or Three.

It was great to be given the opportunity to go back, to see my old teachers and principal, and to see how those that follow me through Horizon have also embraced the IKIC ethos.

Keep on being Barmy – and be the best you can be!

– Eve