Had such a great day at 2016 #SBS event!

February 15, 2016

By Eve Lodge

I was a very fortunate young lady on Friday. I got the day off college(!) and I got to chat to lots of brilliant business people – as passionate about their companies as I am about mine.

Oh…..and I got to meet a legend in business, Mr Theo Paphitis!

Last year I was thrilled to discover that Mr Paphitis had retweeted my #SBS (Small Business Sunday) tweet about Barmy – and I became a member of the #SBS family.

As a result I was invited to the #SBSevent2016 at the International Conference Centre in Birmingham on Friday, along with the other #SBS winners. I have to thank my dad for acting as ‘chauffeur’ and driving me down!

It was my first time but I’m so glad to say that, all being well, it won’t be my last!

I got to meet Mr Paphitis and have my photograph taken with him. He also wished me a very Happy Birthday for when I turn 18 on March 1.


It was great to be able to listen to Theo and his fellow guests, Holly Tucker, the co-founder of notonthehighstreet.com and Mike Pickles, owner of The Really Useful Company. All three passed on some fantastic tips and gave great insight into the world of business and what makes them successful. I must admit I really enjoyed listening to Holly, who is so keen to promote female entrepreneurs.


And I even plucked up the courage to get up and ask the panel a question – which proved to be the last of the session!

I told the panel of my experiences of starting Barmy at the age of 14 and how hard it was for a teenager to develop and grow a business, and I asked for their advice. They were very kind and their encouragement and support is invaluable.

And the chance to be able to put my Barmy Bunting products onto the proposed SBS online shop will be fantastic!

Finally, a big thank you to all the lovely people I met and talked to on the day……my #SBS family!


Here are some more pictures from a brilliant event:

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