Eve honoured to be named in Northern Power Women’s Top 50 Future List

March 7, 2016

Barmy owner Eve Lodge was ‘honoured’ to be named in the Northern Power Women’s Top 50 Future List at a glittering awards night at the Deansgate Hilton Hotel in Manchester on Thursday, March 4.

It capped a memorable week for the Barnsley teenager, as she celebrated her 18th birthday on Tuesday (March 1).

Said Eve: “It was a fantastic occasion and I felt so honoured to be named in the Top 50 Future list. I will try my very best to prove them right!

“I met some wonderful ladies and was even asked to help present one of the main awards, which I really enjoyed.”

The main award winners can be seen here: http://www.northernpowerwomen.co.uk/#!winners/x1n25


Here are a selection of pictures from a fantastic night:

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