Barmy owner Eve hailed as ‘so much more’ – after landing ‘special award’

October 1, 2014

Barmy owner Eve was presented with a Horizon College ‘I Know I Can Special Award’ on Monday night.

Teenager Eve, now studying for her A levels at Shelley College, was reunited with some of her former teachers and class-mates at the Holiday Inn in Barnsley – and received her award from her good friend, BBC’s Young Apprentice winner Ashleigh Porter-Exley, for being ‘so much more.’

Special guests included Dan Jarvis MP, Angela Smith MP and the Mayor of Barnsley Tim Shepherd.

Dan Jarvis delivered a terrific speech, as did Horizon’s Charlie Brammer and principal Nick Bowen, extolling the virtues of not only the students receiving the special awards but also the town’s young people in general.

Eve special award

Eve special award

Said a Horizon representative: “The students that have been presented with a special award embody the spirit of Community Enterprise. They have been involved in many remarkable and charitable projects. It has been a privilege to recognise their achievements but also we hope that the students themselves realise that, through their own hard work and dedication, they have in some way made a difference.

Said Eve: “I was very proud to receive an Horizon Special Award – and I would like to thank all the staff and teachers there, together with principal Nick Bowen, for helping me grow as a person.”

Eve, who left Horizon in the summer after chalking up 16 GCSEs, received a number of glowing testimonials from people convinced she merited such an award:

Ashleigh Porter-Exley, Inspirational Speaker and winner of BBC’s Young Apprentice: “Eve’s just great, full stop. Wow, what potential, what confidence in such a young lady! With or without this award Eve will be the future of Barnsley’s business community.”

Sue Coffey, Business Adviser, Enterprising Young People: “I have seen the commitment Eve has to developing her enterprise. She is a talented and fairly hard- headed business woman – but is always prepared to listen and embrace new ideas. She has tremendous determination and has worked extremely hard to promote her business, and make Barmy a success story.”

Paul Robson, Community Enterprise Co-ordinator, Horizon Community College: “Eve is well mannered, polite and extremely confident. And not only is she reliable, self sufficient and forward thinking, she is also excellent in her communication skills. I was very impressed when Eve was asked to be one of the speakers for the official ‘Open Evening’ for Horizon Community College. With over 250 attendees, including 50 VIPs from across the wider community, Eve dazzled them with the perfect speech. I have no doubt she will have a successful future – and go on to do great things. It’s not every day you see a teenage girl, certainly one at 16, who has such a fantastic knowledge of running her own company.”

Alison Richardson, local fundraiser: “I’ve been fundraising for a few years now – and late last year was the first time I’d asked for any sponsorship via social media. To my delight, Eve (through her Barmy Bunting), was the first to answer my request. At that time I didn’t know anything about Eve, I was just happy that she was donating two pieces of her bunting. By coincidence there was an article about her in our local newspaper a couple of weeks after her donation. I couldn’t believe how young she was to be running her own business, and the quality of her products was second to none! I also found her customer service to be equal if not better than someone with years and years of sales experience. I think Eve personally, and her business, is a real winner!”